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Case Study

Our most successful client tripled his revenue in 2018 achieving his $500,000 goal!

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The Challenge

In the past, our client wasn’t informed about social media marketing and ended up with spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing, such as handing out flyers and buying Ad spaces on local publications. All these methods only achieve few results.

Our team is up to date with the latest marketing technologies, media trends, video production, and marketing skills. We successfully convinced our client on trying out digital marketing. And here are the results:

Client Joshua C.
Designer Elizabeth W.
5.36 % CTR
50% less CPA
5000 Times ROI
13% decrease in website bounce rate

The Results

This Classic Auto Restoration Shop’s 2018 Revenue hit $500,000, which triples its revenue of 2017. They also got multiple clients paying them $10,000/ month retention fee for car restoration. New clients will need to wait for 3 months in order for their projects to begin.

The Solution

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